What does Willow do?

Willow is your bridge to financial freedom. We offer flexible payment plans for all types of monthly expenses, so you can breathe easy. We pay your bill today, you pay us back over time; zero interest, and no hidden fees.

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Willow is here to help you out when you need it the most. Many of our users rely on Willow to:


Smooth out your monthly cash flow and budget

Avoid late fees and pay every single bill on time


Build up your credit score


To take the stress out of paying bills


Why Willow?

Willow trees are flexible, strong, and a symbol of stability. We’ll bend over backwards to meet you where you need us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Willow is a customer-first financial service that smooths out your monthly expenses. Our goal is to help you break free from expensive payment solutions with compounding interest. We pay your bill upfront, you pay us back in four installments starting today. We also charge a small, flat service fee, but we do NOT charge interest.

Absolutely! We use best-in-class payment software to ensure your privacy, safety and security of your information. This allows us to partner with your bank and pay your vendors seamlessly.

Upfront: your first installment amount + a small, flat Willow service fee. The fee is $6 for bills up to $100, $12 for bills up to $200, $18 for bills up to $300, and so on, with an additional $6 for each $100 tier. Transaction fees may also apply.

It’s simple, you quickly and securely link your debit card and bank account on WillowPays.com — if approved, we’ll charge your account automatically. No more setting calendar reminders to pay your bills on time! Don’t worry though, we will send you reminders about upcoming repayments so that you can budget accordingly.

We will process your bill within one business day and let you know if there are any issues with direct payment. If approved, we’ll pay that bill right away. We typically ask for a 5 business day lead time to make sure our funds arrive in time with your vendor.

If the address and names match, we can typically put it through but we will need further verification in order to approve the bill being paid.

All that we ask for is the bill itself, your email address, and phone number… then link your debit card and bank account and that’s it! Your bill must include your account number, the vendor’s address and your address. Here’s a sample bill including the information we are looking for:

There are a variety of reasons that may come into play but the main things we consider are bill size and type, ability to repay, and payment history.

It typically takes about 3-5 business days to be reflected on your vendor’s account.

The approval process takes less than one business day. We won’t run a credit check, we simply ask that your link your debit card and bank account, upload your bill, and then we do the rest. Please note that, if approved, we will collect the first installment + service/transaction fee at the same time we pay your bill. If we cannot collect this amount, we will be unable to pay your bill.

We’d love to help you out on a monthly basis. Drop us a line at hello@willowpays.com if you’d like to make this a regular thing.

We’d love to help you with more than one bill! We can cover new customers for one bill up to $150 (subject to approval), but once you have successfully completed a full repayment cycle, you’ll be eligible for Willow to cover more bills for you.

Have any questions, or need support?

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