We take our customers’ safety and security incredibly seriously, and it’s important to us that you feel comfortable and confident with every interaction with Willow.


Please note that Willow employees will never ask you for your login details, and we will never charge you unless we have paid a bill on your behalf. Your safety and security is our top priority.

For all our financial integrations, we partner with Plaid, a best-in-class, highly secure financial software platform. For payments, we partner with Stripe, the most trusted payment platform around, used by millions of companies in over 120 countries.


If you’d like to read more about Plaid, you can visit their ‘What is Plaid?’ page.


Here's how Plaid works

“We connect to 11,000 financial institutions across the United States, Canada, and Europe. With Plaid, connecting your bank account is easy:

Step 1

When you sign up with a Plaid-powered app, you’ll be able to select your financial institution from a list. Then, enter your login and password.

Step 2

In a matter of seconds, we encrypt the data you’ve chosen to share (for instance, your account balance) and securely share it with the app you want to use. We never share your login and password with the app.

Step 3

We work behind the scenes to build a secure, ongoing connection between the app and your bank.

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